Friday, October 21, 2016

Workshop: Geo-Entrepreneurship - Using Location to Enhance Your Competitive Advantage

Build up your skills to bring your Geo-idea to the market!

In this 1,5 day workshop we train startup methods and deal with important issues to bring forward your own geo supported business ideas. We learn how to reach certain stages towards selling your location supporting solutions.
The participants of this workshop are GI professionals, UNIGIS students and alumni who want to bring their own GI-project to life or a new business idea on the ground. Hence, these skills are not only for young entrepreneurs, they are helpful to facilitate internal company projects as well! The Workshop takes place in Salzburg on 2.-3. December 2016.

Programme details 
Register now * and meet at the Department for Geoinformatics University of Salzburg.  (Online Registration Deadline:  22nd November ´16)

Workshop leader is Dr. Ian Heywood. He teaches at the Business School at university of Aberdeen with a focus on practical contexts guiding through crucial business startup processes. One of the highlights of this workshop will be the guest lecture by Ed Parsons, Googles Geospatial Technologist, giving hints about GI entrepreneurship. The workshop is supported by elearning materials and is the kick-off for an UNIGIS elective module.

* Note: The workshop is open to everyone and especially for the UNIGIS community who want to add smart start-up skills to their studies and CV.

Monday, October 17, 2016

Future GIS Professionals Meeting in Salzburg

Professor Strobl and the UNIGIS Professional team had the pleasure to welcome future GIS professionals in Salzburg last weekend. The highly motivated group gathered primarily to get to know each other and the UNIGIS team, but also to get in touch with the study materials and to learn about the various opportunities for specialisation in their UNIGIS professional study program.

Once again it became obvious that GIS skills are required in a vast number of disciplines. The diversity of domains that were represented in the introductory workshop was large: from GIS professionals in a military context to urbanists and from IT developers to public administration. But irrespectively of these differences all participants quickly identified a common ground: the geographical coordinate and the spatial perspective on the respective domain. This is exactly where UNIGIS comes in: we teach generic GIS methods, concepts and tool skills, which are then further developed by the participants for their specific needs in their professional environment.
Currently the new students set up their personal learning and software environment and make their first steps in the introductory module. But we are confident that within a few weeks they become active members in the growing UNIGIS community!

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Welcome UNIGIS Turkey!

Dr. Deniz Gerçek
Turkish language 'lifelong learning' students are now supported through a local UNIGIS Turkey contact point that is coordinated by Dr. Deniz Gerçek. Dr Gerçek received her PhD from the Middle East Technical University (METU) in Ankara and conducted part of her PhD studies at the University of Salzburg.

Since 2010 she is affiliated with Kocaeli University in İzmit. Her research focus is on Remote Sensing and Object-Based Image Analysis connecting with other fields of GIScience including Spatial Statistics, and Application Development.

The first cohort of Turkish students will be welcomed for the next student intake in autumn. Applications for UNIGIS professional and UNIGIS MSc programs already have been opened.

If your native language is Turkish, are interested in our distance learning programmes and are keen to develop your career in a geospatial discipline, UNIGIS@Turkey as a partner of the University of Salzburg is looking forward to hearing from you via!

Monday, June 27, 2016

Top award for UNIGIS América Latina Director Richard Resl

Jack Dangermond with
Richard and Domingo on stage
During the plenary session of this year's Esri User Conference (see link at bottom for bilingual slides), Richard Resl and Domingo Ankuash received the 'Making a Difference' award from Esri's Jack Dangermond. This distinction highlights their work towards preserving Amazonian Indians' land rights and livelihoods.

Domingo's present to Jack Dangermond:
'maps serving as our spears'
Through the AmazonGISnet initiative the territories of indigenous groups are documented to preserve this native and pristine environment for their next generations. After being applauded by the 15000 strong audience for their impressive talk, Domingo presented a ceremonial spear to Jack Dangermond, symbolizing the role of maps and GIS in defending their homelands.

Richard Resl, Josef Strobl,
Domingo Ankuash and ESRI's Mike Gould

Congratulations to both leaders of this initiative, and to Richard for not only successfully managing UNIGIS in Latin America, but also facilitating outstanding participative GIS support for various groups of citizens!

>>> Presentation slides

Sunday, June 26, 2016

50th workshop at UNIGIS Kraków, Poland

In the middle of June students of intake 2015 together with the organizers celebrated  the 50th workshop in the history of Postgraduate Studies in Geographic Information Systems UNIGIS at Jagiellonian University in Kraków.

After regular classes on GPS data collection in laboratories and in the field, students and teachers gathered in the social room of the Institute of Geography and Spatial Management JU. A speech of the programme director prof. Jacek Kozak opened the meeting, then students and teachers tasted cake and strawberries, that accompanied informal consultations.

With this significant anniversary we started next enrolment of candidates for the UNIGIS studies beginning in October 2016. For further information please visit or send an e-mail to

Registration for 2016 intake in Poland is now open!